Our History

Although Wesley United Methodist Church has roots going back to the middle of the 19th century, it did not obtain its present name until 1968. At that time, Methodists were joined with the Evangelical United Brethren denomination to form the United Methodist Church. In Tyrone there were two churches that were part of this new union and both had been called "firsts" in their separate denominations: The First Methodist Church and the First United Brethren Church. The conference declared that any churches in the same community that shared a name such as "first" would have to choose another name. The First United Brethren became Christ United Methodist Church and the First Methodist became Wesley United Methodist Church.

Much more, however, than the building that bears the name, Wesley is the blending together of many different individuals from many walks and stations in life. Wesley is the young but also the older. Wesley is the long standing members rich with the traditions of the church but also new members who come with enriching new ideas and perspectives. Wesley is those who openly share their talents in worshipping God but also those who worship God very quietly within their hearts. Wesley is people using their God given gifts in service and reaching out to others both within our church family and our community.